Who We Are

Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. is a private non-profit agency located in Coos Bay, Oregon. Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. has been providing residential treatment and community-based services for adolescents who need the skilled, optimistic guidance, training and opportunity of a community-based treatment program since 1971.

Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. is licensed by the State of Oregon and a proud member of the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs. We operate three programs for girls and boys: Belloni Boys Ranch, Wineva Johnson Center for Girls, and Independent Living. All residential programs provide behavioral rehabilitation services geared to the specific needs of the youth referred to that program with the focus on education, counseling, and skill building. As a community based program, Independent Living prepares foster youth for adulthood.

Mission Statement

To transform troubled youth into productive citizens through optimistic guidance, training, and opportunity.

Core Values

We adhere to seven core values:

Hope– We are convinced there is hope for all of our clients because transformation is possible.

Integrity– Operations of Bob Belloni Ranch will be conducted in a moral and ethical manner with the highest integrity at all levels of the agency.


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Respect for Clients– Our clients are valued and worthy of respect, and will never be demeaned or disrespected.

Quality Staff– Quality service to young people is dependent on our having qualified, well trained, and committed staff.  We will seek to maintain the best quality work force possible, and provide for their professional growth.

Teamwork– Services are enhanced through a consistent approach with open communication and cooperation throughout the agency and extends to working cooperatively with other community agencies.

Relationships– Appropriate, caring relationships are the key to transformation, and the priority of all staff.

Quality Services – Providing the highest possible quality of services includes delivering the services needed by our clients, following the best practices available, and measuring effectiveness.

Services Provided

Bob Belloni Ranch provides behavioral rehabilitation services in accordance with each resident’s individual service plan.   Types of services offered would include:

Crisis Counseling – residents have access to crisis counseling on a 24-hour basis in order to stabilize behavior until problems can be resolved or assessed and treated by a qualified mental health professional or licensed medical practitioner.

Individual and Group Counseling – residents receive face-to-face individual or group counseling sessions which are designed to remediate the problem behaviors identified.

Milieu Therapy – residents are involved in structured activities and planned interventions designed to normalize psycho-social development, promote safety, stabilize their living environment, and receive assistance from staff  in developmentally appropriate ways.  Program staff monitor the these activities, which include developmental, recreational, academic, rehabilitative, or other productive work.  Milieu therapy occurs in concert with one of the other types of services listed.

Parent Training – Direct care staff or social service staff provide planned activities or interventions (face-to-face or by telephone) to the family or identified aftercare resource family. Parent training is designed to assist the family in identifying the specific needs of their adolescent, to support the residents efforts to change, and to improve and strengthen parenting knowledge or skills indicated in the individualized service plan as being necessary for the to return home or to another community living resource.

Skills Training – residents are provided with planned curriculum-based, individual or group sessions designed to improve specific areas of functioning in the resident’s daily living as identified in the individualized service plan.  Curriculum utilized is evidence-based and research-validated.  Skills training is designed to develop appropriate social and emotional behaviors, improve peer and family relationships, improve self-care, encourage conflict resolution, reduce aggression, improve anger control, and reduce or eliminate impulse and conduct disorders.