Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc.

Nestled on the beautiful southern coast of rural Oregon in Coos Bay and within the scenic wine country of the northern Rogue Valley in Roseburg, Bob Belloni Ranch operates as a private non-profit organization providing residential treatment and community based services for dependent and delinquent adolescents.

Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. operates three residential programs where adolescents live for a season of their lives while they learn to put their lives back together.  The Bob Belloni Boys Ranch and Wineva Johnson Center for Girls provide behavioral rehabilitation services for adjudicated youth placed by the Oregon Youth Authority. The Bob Belloni Shelter Care provides assessment, evaluation, and youth shelter services for dependent youth placed by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Coos County Juvenile Department, and Coos Health and Wellness. Residential services are focused on the specific needs of the youth referred with an emphasis on education, counseling, skill building, and non-violent crisis intervention.

Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. provides community-based independent living skill development services to older adolescents involved with the Oregon Department of Human Services foster care systems in Coos, Curry, and Douglas Counties. Youth remain with their foster families and attend public school in their communities while preparing for adulthood through with the optimistic guidance, training, and opportunity that Bob Belloni Ranch can provide.

Our teens come from a variety of backgrounds and home situations, and each has unique needs and issues. Youth are placed by county and state agencies by court order and come to Bob Belloni Ranch in some stage of crisis, drug addiction, oppositional defiance, dependent for care, and most are behind in school. Our team of resident counselors, therapist, teachers, and community partners collaborates to help the boys and girls address their unique issues. During the entire process, we also work with the children’s families toward restoration as the State of Oregon allows. As our children and their families identify and change negative behaviors, they are able to overcome past failures and embrace a hopeful future.